The Organic Festival was born from the need to create a space where the well-being, exploration and awareness of ourselves, and of our surroundings, are the epicenter of everything. We created this meeting point in the form of a festival to unite learning and fun in the same space. 

A place to share and learn organic, healthy practices. All that enriches your body, mind and soul, merged into the same event: Festival Organic. 

In the festival we combine masterclasses, conferences, workshops, massages and gastronomy; learning from different cultures and disciplines around the world. 

Yoga, alternative therapies, healthy nutrition, meditation, among many other practices that help us to be more aware of ourselves and our environment will be present. We want all those who wake up every day and live their lives focused on contributing to a better world, feel accompanied. That you feel that you are not alone in this cause, because you are not. Therefore, we offer you all moments where you can share and enjoy in the company of others who think and live in the same way, so that it works as a multiplier effect of well-being.


Who is behind the Festival Orgànic?

Ana Pau and Jordi met in the summer of 2018 and apart from sharing their lives as a couple they also collaborate on projects together, projects in which they share their passion for a healthy lifestyle and personal growth, always from love, freedom and creativity.

With the Festival Organic they combine their energies to create and share their universe of well-being, a very personal project where they share all the wisdom they have discovered during their lives. 

The Festival would not have been possible without the unconditional support and effort of the festival team, thanks Jose, Maria Pau, Adriana and everyone who has put your grain of sand to make this project possible. 

The community behind the festival is what gives meaning to everything.